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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use ClimaDrive?

Here is a how-to video for using ClimaDrive:

How much does ClimaDrive cost?

After a 30-day free trial, ClimaDrive is sold as a data subscription that costs $19.95 per user per year for access to the ClimaDrive weather application (available on web, Windows and Apple) and $29.95 per user, per installation, per year for SimConnect. Click here for your FREE trial (no credit card required) and start generating flight plans for real-time and historical flights to be flown with ActiveSky in P3D. 

What are the licensing terms for ClimaDrive?

After your FREE 30-day trial expires, yearly subscriptions will be automatically debited each year for those who wish to continue. You may cancel anytime by clicking "Delete Account" at the bottom of the flight plan page, but NO REFUNDS and NO PRO-RATED REFUNDS are offered.

Can I use ClimaDrive as a stand-alone product?

Yes, ClimaDrive can be used as a stand-alone service for generating real-time and historical weather briefings for training, proficiency and operational flight planning, but we recommend using ClimaDrive with ActiveSky to plug your weather scenarios into P3D.

What computer hardware is needed to run ClimaDrive?

ClimaDrive will run on any web browser, but to plug ClimaDrive into P3D using ActiveSky, you will need to use a computer that is powerful enough to run those platforms as recommended by ActiveSky and Lockheed Martin for your simulation platform of choice. 

Where can I learn more about ClimaDrive's features?

Click here to learn more about how ClimaDrive improves the realism of weather-related flight simulation.

Who developed ClimaDrive?

ClimaDrive was initially conceived with research funding from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to investigate weather-related flight accidents, and the National Transportation Safety Board uses ClimaDrive to investigate flight accidents.  Please watch this video to learn more.

How can I become a better pilot?

ClimaDrive is owned by, which is a free online flight school to help you become a better pilot.

How can I change my password?

Click "Account" at the bottom of the flight plan page, enter your new password twice where indicated, and click "Update my Account".

How can I cancel / delete my account?

Sign into your profile at, and click on "Delete Account" at the bottom of the flight plan page then "Confirm Delete". All of your personal information will be deleted from the database, but NO REFUNDS and NO PRO-RATED REFUNDS are offered.

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